About us

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Company dedicated to the design and manufacture of small appliances to facilitate household chores especially in the area of ​​consumption of fruits and vegetables.


From now you can enjoy the best of nature without any effort.



For more than 20 years of experience in the development.

                              OUR PRODUCTS:

Orange Peel

The founder of the company (José Pérez) wanted to make a machine that will peel the many oranges ate. And after a few nights of reflection and thinking got invent the only machine able to peel oranges in the market.


Robito Vaina

Designed to shell easily and quickly. Who said shelling beans and peas was a chore? That said, because they did not know this machine!



"If you can do a machine, even better!" is the conclusion that we did create this machine, plus effort will save time.


Robito Almendra

Trying to revolutionize almonds breaks we got to this product. The latest creations Pelamatic SL

Pineapple Peel

The result of the need to get lots of pineapple so quick and easy. Prepared for many quantities of fresh pineapple ready to eat.