Orange Peel Professional


We are pleased to introduce the ONLY machine capable of peeling oranges apples, potatoes and more. All comfortably and quickly in few seconds you can have your peeled fruit without effort.

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General Features:

  • Orange Peel starts at the push of a button  
  • Allows quick and safe cleaning
  • Pela any kind of fruit and vegetable with spherical or oval
  • Full manual included in the package
  • Cylinder with three points (trident) to hold fruits and food
  • Cylinder with positioner (probe tube) to adjust the thickness of the cutting blade
  • Connection cable
  • Material guaranteed by Pelamatic

Data sheet

Pieces per minute4 aprox.
Voltage220/240 V - European Version / 110 V - American Version
Dimensions22 x 16,3 x 25 cm
Net weight2 Kg
Consumption24 W


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