Orange Peel Hostelería


Excellent solution for stripping processes that require quantity and optimization. Oriented restaurants, catering ovens or intensive use.

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General features:

  •  Orange Peel speed, efficiency, simplicity
  •  Allows quick and safe cleaning
  •  Pela any kind of fruit and vegetable with spherical or oval
  •  Cylinder with three points (trident) to hold fruits and food
  •  Cylinder with positioner (probe tube) to adjust the thickness of the cutting blade
  •  Full manual included in the package
  •  Connection cable
  •  Material guaranteed by Pelamatic

Data sheet

Pieces per minute8 aprox.
Voltage220/240 V - European Version / 110 V - American Version
Dimensions29 x 21,5 x 31 cm
Net weight7,5 Kg
Consumption72 W


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